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We are a premium supplement company dedicated to supplying Canadians with the tools to improve their mental health, clarity, and performance and to support their growth along the way.

Our Mission

We are the leading community for mindful growth and healing; specializing in plant-based medicines and psychedelics with the goal of safely supporting and improving the lives of 1 million people by 2025.


In March 2020, 40 diverse individuals from all walks of life embarked on a journey with us to complete a seven week comprehensive microdosing study. The goal was to prove the positive effects microdosing has on mental health and to show Canadians the importance of removing the stigma around psilocybin and move psychedelic therapies closer to legalization. 

Before the study began, all participants completed a comprehensive questionnaire to provide a baseline of the participants and to help track the effects of our microdosing products. From there, an additional survey was used at the end of the 7 week study and a comprehensive evaluation was done to compare the before and after effects that our microdosing products had on the participants.

The findings of the study were incredibly promising. Participants indicated their mental health had improved dramatically, less brain fog was experienced, and participants experienced increased productivity in their lives, increased ability to focus and increased original thinking. The participants reported increases in mood, a reduction in dependency on drugs and alcohol and generally feeling “in the zone” in their lives.


MindfulMeds has exclusively partnered with a highly respected mycologist (an individual who specializes in fungi) in British Columbia. He is greatly admired amongst his peers within the psychonaut community for his high quality attention to detail and ability to grow premium product. Over the past year, we have constructed a purpose-built facility designed exclusively for mycology.

An extensive amount of research and capital were used to build this facility which includes 24/7 monitoring of heat, humidity, carbon dioxide levels, and the ideal amount of light. 100% of the product grown on our farm is used for MindfulMeds. This past year, we have dedicated ourselves to growing the finest mushrooms possible, and then cloning only the best of those mushrooms to create the most consistent microdosing product available today. The purpose of going to this extreme is to ensure a completely consistent and reliable product, where each and every pill we produce is the same as the rest.

Once harvested, the mushrooms are sent to our food safe, sanitary production facility. We have taken every step and precaution possible to ensure the highest quality, safest product available to Canadians.

All of our microdosing products go through a two stage grinding process which ensures a completely consistent, fine powdered product that absorbs quicker into the body and reduces indigestion in sensitive people. All our product comes in high quality bottles with a tamper proof seal.

For us to achieve our goal of providing the highest quality, premium product to Canadians, we have ensured that every step of our process involves the highest quality equipment, personnel, and attention to detail.


We firmly believe in giving back to the community and have therefore created The Mindful Project. The Mindful Project contributes 2.5% of net proceeds each quarter back into the communities we serve. Our mission is to help improve the cognitive health of 1 Million Canadians by 2025. Along the way, every quarter we will choose a charity in Canada whose focus is helping Canadians with mental health and addiction disorders. If you would like to join the mindful movement and help us pick an organization in your community next, please contact us at  Together we can make an enormous impact on helping change the face of mental health in Canada.


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