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Are you at the beginning of your mushroom journey? Unsure what it’s all about or where to begin? Check out our New to Mushrooms page where we share the basics and share some resources that we have created to get you started.

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All of our products are designed to work together to create specific results based on your own personal goals, lifestyle and desired outcomes. All of our microdosing products contain a true microdose ranging from 0.05g to 0.35g. The Functional Supplements are the perfect sidekick to create unique outcomes for your Microdosing Journey and can be added in any combination.

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Our mission is to become the largest community in mindful healing, growth and optimization; to specialize in plant-based medicines with the goal of safely supporting, educating and improving the lives of 1 million people by 2025.
We are a premium supplement company dedicated to supplying Canadians with the tools to improve their mental health, clarity, and performance and to support their growth along the way.


We are challenging convention and are constantly implementing new ways to bring natural medicines to our community.


We value doing what is right first and foremost. Bringing the safest, healthiest, most reliable product time and time again.


We believe in a safe and inclusive environment. Our community provides people with the keys to connect to their own healing, growth and optimization.


We share our authentic self, the real self that we stand for. We are here to grow, to share and to show that we are human, not a corporate machine.


We understand what you have been through, what you are going through and what you will go through. We are in this together, hand in hand.


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Learn about the Science, History, Impacts & Steps to a Successful Microdosing Experience.

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MindfulMeds is passionate about building a supportive community of amazing people and sharing their stories. We know that Microdosing can be a unique journey and want to share the variety of ways that you may benefit with Microdosing.

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Share your personal microdosing experience and give others the confidence to take the leap & start their own journey.

AdaPia d’Errico

I’m a Canadian-born entrepreneur and real estate investor based in Los Angeles. I am constantly redefining and reinventing myself, flying in the face of established ideas of roles, success, and achievement.


Alia Dunnill

My name is Alia Dunnill, born and raised in Vancouver, BC. I am a Women’s Health coach, Holistic Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, and WBFF Bikini Pro Athlete.


Alicia Ward

I am an Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Podcast Host and Social Media Influencer. I live in Kelowna, BC and am originally from Edson, AB. I spread the word for taking ownership of our health in as natural ways as possible, Health is wealth!



I am an Entrepreneur, self development and relationship coach, a certified EFT tapping practitioner (emotional freedom technique)and soon to be published author in a collaborative book.


Angela Prider

I am a Somatic Psychedelic Guide, Spiritual Teacher, and founder of The Essential Revolution apprenticeship.


Bia Luna

My name is Bia Luna and I am Hella Healing. I am a woman on a path to reclaiming my radiance after addiction, divorce, & loss and I help other women to rise up on their paths so they may embody their fullest and most divine truths.


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