This blend was designed as a fantastic and subtle way to be introduced to microdosing. With only 50mg of organic golden teacher psilocybin mushroom, even those with the lowest of tolerances will not feel any perceptual changes at all.

The modern micro blend is paired with 350mg of organic lions mane mushroom, which has been studied to help improve memory, reduce anxiety and depression, and increase overall cognitive performance.

  • 50 mg – Organic Psilocybin
  • 350 mg – Organic Lions Mane
24 capsules per bottle
Our Immunity blend is focused on immune boosting properties and the importance of gut health. Talking gut health can be a little taboo, but our gut health is a key contributor to proper immune function and mental health. These 7 mushrooms were carefully chosen to enhance immune system response and activity while boosting microbiota and overall gut health. Our Immunity blend can be taken daily and can be combined with any of our microdosing products to provide the optimal experience.

16 reviews for Micro

  1. Keith Armstrong

    This product is great!

  2. Tom

    Love this product!

  3. Evelyn Schellenberg

    Absolutely love this product. Perfect for first timers like myself with low tolerance. I’ve felt more mental clarity and enhanced mood with no side effects or other issues.

  4. Ali Ward

    I have been taking this for the last 1.5 months and I find it’s the perfect micro dose for my day to day. I am approx 120 pounds.

  5. Alia

    I’m a major newbie to the micro dose world. This product gave me just enough “oomph” to have an amazing day. 10/10 🙂 new user friendly.

  6. Luc R

    I have quite extreme anxiety and this product has changed my life!

  7. Jenny (verified owner)

    Helped with my crippling anxiety more in the first week then anxiety meds I’ve been on for an entire year. Highly recommend this product!

  8. civi1717

    I had a really rough few weeks with having to take a few different antibiotics, which isn’t good for gut health and in turn mental health. My stomach felt awful which led to anxiety and bouts of depression. After weeks of eating a near perfect diet combined with probiotics I decided to take one of the modern micro. A few hours later my stomach was feeling quite a bit better and my anxiety had calmed down (but was still there). Next day I decided to take 2 of the modern micro and this is where the magic truly happened. My stomach felt better than before I took the antibiotics!! The Lions Mane must have re-kickstarted my gut flora which then in turned stimulated my brain; and with the little kick of the psilocybin I was the happiest I have been in months. I did every single chore I had been putting off, worked with a smile all day and then even called a bunch of old friends.
    I felt an amazing change. I can only hope others with any type of ailment give this is a try because it really made a difference, and much faster than I had hoped. It even took away the pain in my neck and shoulders (for that night).

  9. Graeme G

    Love this one. I find it is very effective when I feel stress and anxiety. It helps keep me level headed when I’m feeling way too overwhelmed and can’t think properly. It’s a game changer for stress and anxiety.

  10. Melissa B

    I absolutely LOVE this product! I personally have never had major anxiety warranting medication. However, after seeing major improvements with friends and family I had to give it a try, and I am so happy I did! I can be somewhat unorganized having 3 kids, 4 if your include my husband 😉 I find that on my extra busy days these help me stay focus and ready to handle anything, without any of the side effects!Win, Win!!

  11. Mike Brodeur

    Love this blend, it got me on the right path. Great place to start

  12. Alicia Ward

    I have been going through some challenging times and battling anxiety, depression and insomnia. The days that I microdose always seem a little brighter and easier to move through. They help me just sit and be still instead of constantly stressing about things I cannot change.

  13. Chantelle (verified owner)

    My boyfriend and I have recently started micro dosing, and already have noticed such a difference in daily anxiety levels and mood. I am able to get much more work done in a day then I did before without losing train of thought or getting distracted, and am just overall a bit more happy and easy going the days I microdose.

  14. Chantelle (verified owner)

    My boyfriend and I recently started micro dosing and already I have noticed such a difference with daily anxiety levels and mood. I am able to focus and get alot more work than I was able to before with out getting distracted or losing my train of thought, and helps to just feel more happy and easy going overall on the days I do microdose.

  15. Sasha Taylor

    I’ve been searching for something to truly help me combat my anxiety, ptsd and grief with out a prescription tossed at me. I’m a huge believer in allowing myself to feel emotions but I needed a boost to not get stuck in that emotion. I’m a total newbie with this world but what I can tell you the few short weeks I’ve been on Micro- I’m happier, I’m glowing, I’m realizing my personal strengths and it’s lifted the veil to show me my areas where I need to focus.

    Im so beyond excited to continue on this journey. I know this is just the beginning of great healing and getting myself back.

    Thank you for doing what you guys do. Changing lives here !!

  16. michael (verified owner)

    Perfect mix for those of us who are more sensitive to Psilocybin. Taking a capsule along with a walk through nature is an absolute game-changer!

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