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What is Microdosing?

Microdosing involves ingesting very small, non-perceptual changing, amounts of psilocybin mushrooms for therapeutic purposes. The experience is subtle and users should be able to continue their day as usual. While non-perceptual changing, research shows the effects to be quite dramatic. Users report increased mood, less anxiety and depression, improve thought patterns, more creative thinking, and increased energy.

Dosing Protocol

Here are two protocols as an overall guideline, but for most individuals dose and schedule are going to come down to your own unique needs and tolerance. 

Dr. James Fadiman Protocol: 

1 dose (Start at 50-100mg) on day 1 then 2 days off.

World Renowned Mycologist Paul Stamets Protocol:

1 low dose (50-100mg/ day) everyday for 5 days, then 2 subsequent days off.

If you are new to microdosing, we recommend starting with our Modern blend. This blend provides 100mg of organic golden teacher mushroom with 300mg of organic lion’s mane per capsule. For the first time that you microdose, we recommend that it is taken with food in the morning on a day when you are able to stay home. This will allow you to understand how microdosing may affect you and help you decide how you can benefit the most from microdosing.

How You Will Feel

At the “microdose” level, a subtle change in your perception is common and that shouldn’t affect your usual interactions with the world. Ideally, you will feel sharp, on point and very decisive. Your mood will be enhanced in a positive way and it is common to feel more empathy towards others. Your creativity will flow endlessly and your ability to get in the zone can seem effortless. Time slows down while nature glows vibrantly through your eyes. Ideally.

On the other hand, you may not feel much but your overall satisfaction in life is positive and an underlying sense of contentment is present. Maybe that is all you’re looking for; Maybe that’s just all you need. This is how it should feel. 

Going through these experiences may help you make the right adjustments the next time microdosing.

Additional Benefits


Dr. Roland Griffiths of Johns Hopkins University described “psilocybin is an amazing tool for unlocking the mysteries of human consciousness.

The core feature of this mystical experience is a strong sense of inter-connectedness to all things, a rising sense of self-confidence, clarity and communal responsibility, altruism and social justice. Understanding the nature of these effects and their consequences, may very well be the key to survival of the human species.”


Psilocybin has been found to help smokers break their habit. In a study, 80% of smokers remained abstinent over six months after psilocybin treatment. Psychedlics, like psilocybin, have been promising in treatment for substance addictions, including alcohol, for decades and was historically used to treat alcoholism in Saskatchewan before prohibition. ​


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