7 Mushroom Immunity Blend

7 Mushroom Immunity Blend



Our Immunity blend is focused on immune boosting properties and the importance of gut health. Talking gut health can be a little taboo, but our gut health is a key contributor to proper immune function and mental health. These 7 mushrooms were carefully chosen to enhance immune system response and activity while boosting microbiota and overall gut health. Our Immunity blend can be taken daily and can be combined with any of our microdosing products to provide the optimal experience.

Serving size: 2 Capsules

  • 180 mg – Organic Reishi
  • 180 mg – Organic Meisma
  • 180 mg – Organic Turkey Tail
  • 180 mg – Organic Poria
  • 180 mg – Organic Shiitake
  • 180 mg – Organic Maitake
  • 180 mg – Organic Chaga
  • 40 mg – Black Pepper


60 Capsules per bottle

6 reviews for 7 Mushroom Immunity Blend

  1. Mike B

    I love this blend. My gut has thanked me for this blend

  2. MB

    I took the 7 immunity blend for the second time today. I suffer from stomach and gut trouble and I’ve already noticed an improvement in how I feel and am spending way less time on the toilet and in discomfort. Good prices too !

  3. Miles

    I’ve noticed a lot less brain fog since taking this blend and my energy levels have improved quite a bit! Highly recommended.

  4. Nick Civitarese

    I’ve unfortunately had to take a few different antibiotics the last few months and it has completely ruined my guts, I can just feel it. It threw my whole body out of alignment and my mental health was not doing good because of it. I was taking prebiotics and probiotics for a couple weeks and barely feeling a difference. I then started taking digestive enzymes and they helped a tiny bit more…but then I took immunity blend (with the digestive enzyme) and within 48 hours my life literally changed. My stomach felt like it had a glowing orb inside that felt so amazing. I’ve been smiling and laughing throughout the day so much that everyone’s noticed and asked what’s happened? This has been one of (if not) the best investments I have ever made for myself.

  5. Lana Ellis

    I started the Immunity Blend with breakfast in the mornings. The first thing I noticed was that I felt energetic and satiated. I did not crave my usual mid morning snack. The second thing I noticed was how regular and healthy my bowel health became. This blend makes me feel great!

  6. Roy

    Really found this mushroom supplement useful. Have been having a fair bit of chronic hip and lower back pain. I have noticed a reduction in the pain that has allowed me to keep active. Thanks guys.

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