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Organic Turkey Tail

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Our Turkey Tail is a functional mushroom staple that has powerful antioxidants to help boost your immune system and reduce inflammation. Not only does it contain prebiotics, but it can also improve gut bacteria balance and digestion. Our Turkey Tail is great on its own and ideal for stacking with any of our microdosing blends or as part of a series.

What’s in it?
1000 mg – Organic Turkey Tail fruiting body
Serving size: 2 Capsules  |  60 Capsules per bottle

Additional Information

Our mushrooms thrive in their natural environment, adhering to the principles of natures design. Cultivated within sunlit greenhouses, they benefit from the gentle touch of natural airflow and the expertise of dedicated growers. Each harvest is the culmination of centuries of cultivation, carefully selecting strains and utilizing cultivars that have evolved over time. These mushrooms find their home on meticulously chosen substrates – be it protein-enriched sawdust or hardwood logs – a guarantee of the vital medicinal compounds they possess.

Our crops flourish within purpose-built greenhouses and shadehouses, nurtured by constant fresh air circulation and the purity of deep well-sourced water. Bathed in unadulterated sunlight, their organic development follows nature’s script. Meticulously hand-harvested, these mushrooms undergo a gentle drying process, either through sunlight or air in our advanced dehydrators.

Stringent quality control measures define our process. Each harvest undergoes thorough contamination screening. Furthermore, before departing our facility and upon arrival in North America, they undergo meticulous testing once more. This unwavering commitment ensures the highest nutrient quality and utmost purity. Rest assured, our mushrooms are exclusively derived from 100% fruiting body, hot water steam extracts, capturing the essence of their beneficial properties.

DISCLAIMER :We do not recommend taking more than 6 capsules of Turkey Tail daily.

Turkey Tail

Our Turkey Tail mushroom extract is made using a proprietary hot water extraction method, which maximizes the concentration of the beneficial compounds found in the mushroom. It is vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO, and is free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. We recommend taking our Turkey Tail mushroom extract daily as a dietary supplement to support your overall health and well-being. Turkey Tail offers a range of potential benefits including boosting the immune system, supporting gut health and digestion, protecting against oxidative stress, and potential anti-cancer properties.

Active Compounds
Beta (1,3)(1,6) – glucan – Not less than 45%, current 59.1%.


    Take 2-4 capsules with water 1-2 times a day.

    If you are sensitive to medications or would like a slower start, take 30-45 minutes after a meal.


    Take daily for 8-12 weeks before taking a 4-week break. Turkey Tail can be integrated into your daily routine as you see fit and can be beneficial to take in the morning and then again in the afternoon or evening.

    Note: Learn more about other protocol options by downloading our Microdosing Guide.

    Suggested Dosages


    Taking 2 capsules has been shown in studies to have the foundation for desired effects.


    Taking 3 capsules has shown enhanced effects based on upped dose studies. This is great for the person looking for a little extra support.


    Optimized dose studies show 4 capsules to be the highest end of dosing to have the most optimized effects. This is great for those looking for extra healing or support from a functional supplement.

    DISCLAIMER: We do not recommend taking more than 6 capsules daily.

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      Functional Supplements


      Increase your energy, vitality, physical performance, endurance and alertness. Can be used as a coffee replacement.



      Relax your nervous system, experience an uplifting blissful energy, stress relief and anti-inflammatory benefits.



      Support your cognitive function, enhance focus, mental clarity, memory and reduce brain fog. Support your mental health.



      Enhance your mind-gut connection and immune system, provide intestinal inflammation relief and increase healthy gut flora.



      Support your gut health with prebiotics to balance gut bacteria, reduce inflammation and support digestion.



      Enhance your sexual drive and fertility in men and women. Balance hormones, improve energy and reduce stress levels.


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        1. Nicole R

          One of my favourite functional mushrooms. It helps my gut feel happy and healthy.

        2. NB

          A surprising win for me! I tried it and loved the gut balancing and comfort it brought along with it I eat tons of hot, spicy food, plus have to take meds everyday so I truly am thankful to have this to help keep it regulated.

        3. DS


        4. B

          I’ve never worked with turkey tail before until a few weeks ago. I doubled down as my daughter had some crazy bug and thought why not maybe I won’t get whatever she had if I used this product.
          I’ve managed to avoid not getting whatever bug she had! 🙏

        5. Soul S

          I cannot say enough AMAZING things about Turkey Tail and my experience with this functional! Whenever I vacation, I typically get into some sort of digestive issues. This year, the week before I started doubling up my Turkey Tail and also took it while I was there (in Mexico). I had zero, not one digestive issues, my system was healthy and happy! I’ve noticed such a robust difference since taking this tremendous supplement! If you haven’t tried it yet, do it!

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