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My name is Mahina Kailani;
A Hawaiian girl who has found her way to Vancouver, BC! I became a personal trainer, nutritionist, behavioral change specialist and mindfulness coach over 5 years ago. I have built a community called MKPT full of such amazing individuals who want to better themselves, mind, body and soul which has been so rewarding! My approach to coaching is very personalized, I want my clients to feel like they are being heard & understood. I always wished I had someone to walk the walk with me during my own journey, so I try my best to be that person I wish I had, for my clients.

My entire life I have struggled with my mental health: psychosis, depression, depersonalization/dissociation disorder, anxiety and ADHD, which led me into some of the darkest times of my life. I hated who I was, especially my body, which caused a dangerous eating disorder at a very young age. Through recovery, I learned so much about myself, and wanted to help others learn to be comfortable in their own skin. That’s why I created my business, in hopes I could inspire, heal and help those who may feel like no one understands them.


Although i have come a long way in my mental health journey, there are always times where things can become tough again. Not nearly as bad as it used to be, but on occasion it can definitely be enough to knock me down a few levels. The thing about dissociation disorder is that sometimes you dont feel real and that can be scary, add that with the inability to focus because of ADHD and you have a not so good mix. At a low point towards the end of last year, I told a friend I would do anything to get better & she recommended mindfulMEDS. I had been looking into micro-dosing for a while and this was the push I needed.

After micro-dosing I have seen such transformative changes in myself and I want to share my experiences with others who need help too! MindfulMEDS is a premium quality brand who takes the extra steps to ensure safety, funding their own studies, and growing organic. They really go the extra mile, which makes people feel so much more comfortable beginning their journey. MindfulMEDS is a company that cares for people and their health & I am so grateful to be a part of such a positive environment; looking to change the narrative surrounding micro-dosing psilocybin, while teaching individuals how to better themselves mind, body & soul.

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