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resentment I drove harder and harder and to more extreme measures in pursuit of happiness, peace, and enoughness, until I drove my life off the rails and lost everything I thought was important for a happy life, only to find what I didn’t know I’d been searching for all along.

I founded LifeCraft to be an expression of what my life has taught me about the truths of the human experience. I believe that we are all beautifully unique beings with a unique constellation of gifts, skills, passions, interests, and a unique track of experience, and at the intersection of all of these is purpose. When we become intimate with our purpose and build our life in alignment with and in expression of our unique purpose when we move love and energy through our gifts in service of our world in purposeful ways we experience the highest levels of meaning and fulfillment available to us as human beings (and we manifest the most abundance too!). I believe that a life in purpose is the highest calling for us as human beings, and so in everything we do at LifeCraft, we are leading our people to more clarity on their purpose, then empowering them to surrender into its fullest expression in their life.


You just cant spend time with the MindfulMeds team without feeling how genuine they are, and how powerful their vision is. I am continually inspired by MindfulMeds courage to show up so powerfully in this space so that we can all have access to these safe, proven effective, natural medicines that are our birthright. The quality, consistency, and integrity of MindfulMeds products is unmatched anywhere in the world, and so for all these reasons I am grateful to be on board!

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