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My name is Jaymi Green; I have been a personal trainer and nutrition coach for over ten years and recently left the corporate world to start my own business to help a wider audience. I found by training clients throughout my career that to achieve your fitness and nutrition goals, you need to improve your mindset first, which is a big thing I work on now with clients. I focus on empowerment exercises to help clients see their worth and help them step into their highest potential and become the best version of themselves. Before becoming a coach, I struggled with self-worth and identity and found myself in abusive relationships with men and substances. The inner work I did to become who I am today also helped me meet my husband. A CFL player who I was lucky enough to travel across Canada with doing the work I love and eventually travelled to many different countries searching for new life experiences together before settling down in Calgary, Alberta, to start our family. I now run my fitness/nutrition/empowerment business and podcast Inspirational Impact from the comfort of my home. I am always looking for ways to help those around me improve their life and mindset in the most positive way.


I am partnering with MindfulMeds because I want to continue on my path of self discovery, healing & optimize my health naturally. From their top of the line products, the genuinely authentic team, and to their website; every aspect about who MindfulMeds are as a company spoke volumes to me. I am looking forward to sharing my journey.

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