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My name is Bia Luna and I am Hella Healing. I am a woman on a path to reclaiming my radiance after addiction, divorce, & loss and I help other women to rise up on their paths so they may embody their fullest and most divine truths. I am a supporter of the movement towards cognitive liberty and the decriminalization of psychedelic and entheogenic medicines. These powerful allies have helped me recover from addiction to alcohol and stimulants, helped me to release the past narratives, and ease my mind from depression and anxiety. As I deepen my relationship with sacred mushrooms, I continue to align further with my truth and tap into the nectar of this life.


MindfulMeds absolutely uphold their name. They truly have a mindful approach throughout the entire process from the very cultivation of the product, relationships with mycologists and developers, all the way through to their care of the recipient and their intention to offer and make available as much supporting knowledge as possible. These plant medicines offer so much profound healing, as I can personally attest to, and they deserve absolute care and reverence. MindfulMeds is bridging that gap by cultivating them in a deeply intentional manner while making these medicines available in a consistent, safe, and respectful product. I am so thrilled to partner with a brand that I truly believe in and look forward to deepening my relationship with the team and the medicine!

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