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I am an Entrepreneur, self development and relationship coach, a certified EFT tapping practitioner (emotional freedom technique)and soon to be published author in a collaborative book. I live in Kelowna, BC and am originally from Barrie, ON. I share techniques and resources to support in emotional mastery in holistic and natural ways. My mission is to show people they have the power to shift their internal state and create the experiences they WANT to have. Within themselves, relationship and community.


I teamed up with MindfulMeds because I am an advocate for self development, growth, compassion and mental health. I am always looking for natural ways to optimize my own healing and personal growth with the many other holistic healing modalities that work for me! The nature and quality of their products and the team they have behind it all is unmatched!

I share what works with my friends, family and clients. They have grown to trust my recommendations as I share what I love and what works for me, always with integrity and the best of intentions.

I personally have had an incredible experience with MindfulMeds as I have integrated it with my other daily healing tools and practices. I am excited to be sharing them with so many to hopefully support them when it comes to some of the struggles that MindfulMeds can help with!

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