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I’m a Canadian-born entrepreneur and real estate investor based in Los Angeles. I am constantly redefining and reinventing myself, flying in the face of ‘established’ ideas of roles, success, and achievement. From the Okanagan Valley to Silicon Valley and a few countries in between, I’ve never stopped seeking my highest potential. Though I’ve lived in and traveled the world extensively, the most compelling journey has been the one within myself.

I’m open about my experiences of burnout, awakening, and how I navigated the undoing of who I thought I was to find who I truly AM. I share my ongoing evolutionary journey through keynote speaking, group and leadership facilitation, and writing. My book Productive Intuition – Connecting to the Subtle is sold internationally, and my Goalcast Video ‘Making the Right Decision For Yourself’ has been viewed 40 million times, globally.


I first worked with plant medicines ceremonially. They were an essential part of my evolution, compassionate teachers, and powerful allies. However, the most subtle experiences are often the most effective for long-term, sustained and sustainable change. That’s where microdosing comes in. The question was how I could find something that was safe, properly dosed, and effective?

Once I learned about Mindful Meds and their commitment to quality, the integrity behind what they do, and why they do it, I knew I had found a company that shared my values – and delivers a consistent set of high-quality products that leave me with no questions or doubts as to how I will be affected. It’s an honor to work with Mindful Meds and to be part of their growth.

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