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Ever wanted to just have it all? Now you can. We created the VIP Bundle (originally $755 and discounted 33%) for those who wish to experience the entire range of our products from the lowest doses of our Microdosing products of 50mg to the highest at 350mg (Micro, Perform, Connect, Modern, Synergy, Inspire and Voyage). With this bundle, you can combine and create your very own Microdosing Protocol enhanced by all of our Functional Supplements to support every aspect of your health and well-being from reduced brain fog with Lion’s Mane, calm relaxation with Happy Days, that boost of energy from Cordyceps, supporting your mind-gut connection with Immunity or jumping into the passionate world with Maca Root and improving your gut bacteria balance with Turkey Tail.

Note: This bundle is excluded from all discount and promo codes.


Micro (50mg): A subtle way to be introduced to microdosing.

Perform (50mg): For those looking to enhance athletic and mental performance.

Connect (75mg): Create a deeper connection with yourself and your loved ones.

Modern (100mg): A perfect mid-range option for memory and cognitive function.

Synergy (150mg): The intersection of hyperfocus and quiet process.

Inspire (250mg): For higher levels of problem-solving and creativity.

Voyage (350mg): For those seeking enlightenment and connection with nature.

Functional Supplements

Turkey Tail: Has powerful antioxidants to help boost your immune system and reduce inflammation. Not only does it contain prebiotics, it can also improve gut bacteria balance and digestion.

Cordyceps: Increases energy, vitality, physical performance, endurance, and alertness. Can be used as a coffee replacement.

Happy Days: An uplifting blissful blend providing clean energy, stress relief, and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Lion’s Mane: Supports cognitive function by enhancing focus, mental clarity, memory and reduces brain fog.

Immunity: Enhances the mind-gut connection and immune system, provides intestinal inflammation relief, and increases healthy gut flora.

Maca Root: Enhances sexual drive and fertility in men and women. Improves energy and reduces stress levels.

Find a Microdosing Protocol

A microdosing protocol creates structure when using psychedelic substances, including dosage, time of day, and when to take days off. For beginners, we suggest starting at 50-100mg dose per day. Longer breaks should be taken every 4-8 weeks to reset tolerance levels.

Dr James Fadiman Protocol

1 day on. 2 days off. Repeat.

Mycologist Paul Stamets Protocol

1 dose every day for 5 days, then 2 days off. Repeat.

Create Your Own Protocol

Create a protocol dose and schedule for your own unique needs and tolerance. Use a journal to gauge experience.


What is Stacking? At MindfulMEDS we recognized the many benefits of pairing nootropics, adaptogens, and other supplements with microdosing to create specific goals for our community.

Stacking is the process of combining two or more supplements to elevate certain properties and enhance results. We suggest focusing on one goal at a time (focus, physical performance, spiritual growth, connection to self, deeper introspection, etc). Our functional supplements are designed to be taken 1-3 times daily (morning, afternoon, and/or night) and can be taken continuously (even on microdosing off days) for 6-8 weeks. After that, we suggest cycling through different supplements to support all aspects of the mind, body, and soul.

Step 1: Choose your Microdose level and outcome based on your current focus in life (body, mind, soul).

Step 2: Choose 1-3 Functional Supplements that support your health to a greater degree (in brain support, stress relief, immune health, etc.)

Step 3: Add optional Teas or other products (i.e. whole mushrooms) to enhance your experience further on an occasional basis.

To learn more about our products individually check out their individual product pages.

Stackable Products

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  1. Love that I have all the right ones I need for everyday. Winter is hard for me. It?s dark and cold in the north.
    And over the past year or so I?ve been taking them and them being a game changer, I tell everyone.
    There are so many different ways it helps and enhances focus.

  2. The VIP package is definitely the way to go because you are going to want to try all of the blends and each day may be different to what your body needs. It also allows for you to stack on a combination of blends for the optimal experience!
    Before I discovered mindfulMEDS, I was in a really dark place and I had completely lost myself. I was abusing drugs and alcohol, and I felt completely lost and alone. I started microdosing in September 2021 and I can?t thank mindfulMEDS enough for providing such an incredible product that has allowed me to shift and change into who I am today.
    I?ve never felt more myself, I have unblocked my spiritual gifts, have deep awareness, elevated mood and I feel like I?m heading in the direction of truly fulfilling my souls purpose, in which I feel like plant medicine is a part of as I am so passionate about what psilocybin has to teach us as I have witnessed first hand it?s beautiful teachings and what it has done for me.

  3. This VIP bundle is the way to go!!! I LOVE having the entire line at my disposal at all times as you never know what the right “recipe” of the day may be. Every morning I tune into myself and decide if it is a mushroom day or not, if it is, I stand in front of this EPIC line up and see which bottles ‘pop’ into my awareness; I pull them aside and muscle check to confirm if it is the priority blend for my day; I muscle check again to see how many capsules out of each bottle is right for me that day. The stacking has been different every time so everyday is a new adventure 🙂

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