Organic Cordyceps

Organic Cordyceps



Traditionally used as an ancient Chinese secret for harnessing energy and endurance. Naturally the Cordycep sinensis is grown in the Himalayas on caterpillars and other insects. Cordycep militaris on the other hand is a strain that is grown on bark or in rice mycelium soaked beds. Our Cordycep militaris is 100% vegan, organically grown, and cultivated with a hands-on approach to provide the highest level of purity and potency.



  • Athletic Performance
  • Muscle Fatigue
  • Libido
  • Immune Boosting Properties
  • Anti-Cancer & Anti-Tumor Properties
  • Anti-Aging Properties


Serving size: 2 Capsules

  • 1400 mg – Organic Cordyceps (militaris)


60 Capsules per bottle

2 reviews for Organic Cordyceps

  1. Mike B

    These give me the energy to want to work out, which didn’t happen prior to taking cordyceps

  2. Brett Ellis

    My favourite mushroom!! After working this product into my daily routine Ive really started to notice cardiovascular and performance benefits in my training!

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