This microdosing blend looks to help solve some far too common problems amongst us today, a decline in both sexual desire, and mood. The connect blend is made with 300mg of maca root powder which has been used for centuries to enhance fertility and increase sex drive in both men and woman.

Maca root, along with the powerful energetic combination of Siberian ginseng and ginkgo biloba round out this euphoric sexual stimulant-mood enhancer.

  • 300mg – Maca Root
  • 75mg – Organic Psilocybin
  • 50mg – Siberian Ginseng
  • 50mg – Ginkgo Biloba

30 capsules per bottle

Our Immunity blend is focused on immune boosting properties and the importance of gut health. Talking gut health can be a little taboo, but our gut health is a key contributor to proper immune function and mental health. These 7 mushrooms were carefully chosen to enhance immune system response and activity while boosting microbiota and overall gut health. Our Immunity blend can be taken daily and can be combined with any of our microdosing products to provide the optimal experience.

3 reviews for Connect

  1. Adrian K

    I have been microdosing for the last couple of years and it has dramatically changed my life. I used to deal with depression but everything changed after being introduced to psilocybin. I only recently started using Mindful’s products but I can say that these are quality products and have great customer support as well. The “Connect” is my favourite of the ones that i’ve tried so far. Highly recommended if you want to bring more positivity into your life 🙂

  2. Ali Ward

    Love this specific blend when I am going on a hike or doing something outdoors!

  3. Alicia Ward

    I personally have been going through some hard months of anxiety and depression and the connect blend has been one of the staples that has been helping me through. When life gets a little dark the connect blend can help you move through those feelings, its truly been helping me.

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