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Connect | Inspire | Maca Root

Are you wanting to create a more loving connection with yourself, with your partner, and with life? Looking to improve your desire, energy levels, and closeness with your loved ones? Our Love Stack is all about just that, love. Connecting with yourself and those in your life that mean the most to you. Whether you’re looking for a closer connection in life (or in the bedroom) your intention will be rewarded.

Assembled to allow all the love in your life to flow, our Connect microdose blend will help you reconnect with the love for yourself while increasing your sex drive, sexual euphoria, and connection with your partner. Stacked with our Maca you may find yourself feeling more energized and closer to your desires and wants than ever before. Want to take it to another level? Use our Inspire blend to increase your creativity, levels of euphoria, connection, and appreciation for life.

We recommend taking the Connect blend stacked with our Maca regularly as part of a dosing protocol and using our Inspire for those weekends and special occasions.

All of our products were designed to be used in conjunction with one another. Each product contains a true microdose of our Active Ingredient. The order in which you use these products is not important as you should tailor your personal microdosing experience based on how you are feeling, and what activities you are doing that week. Please remember to be stringent when it comes to your dosing schedule. Taking breaks are incredibly important to reset your tolerance week over week.

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  1. Since taking this bundle, I’ve definitely noticed that I want to be closer to those around me. I decided to go with the 1 day on 2 days off method and it seems to be going well! I do not feel the even a slight alter in my mental state which is really great.
    I plan on trying other bundles, and don’t see myself strong anytime soon. I love the natural aspect that mindful meds has to offer.

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