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Modern is a 100mg mushroom microdose. This best-selling microdosing blend is designed as the perfect mid-range option that helps improve memory and cognitive function. This microdose is excellent for enhancing your mental clarity, improving your overall health, increasing your mood, and decreasing your brain fog.

Modern Proprietary Complex
100 mg – Mindful Nootropic
300 mg – Organic Lion’s Mane

Microdose Level: Medium | 24 Capsules per Bottle

Additional Information

Introducing a proprietary blend that combines the power of Lion’s Mane and Mindful Nootropic to help you achieve a state of flow, laser-like focus, and ease of anxiety.

Together, these ingredients work synergistically to enhance mental performance and promote a sense of calmness and focus, making it easier to achieve a state of flow. Additionally, the blend’s calming properties can help reduce feelings of anxiety, allowing you to work on your creative projects or daily tasks with more ease and confidence.

This blend is perfect for those seeking a natural way to support their mental performance, reduce anxiety, and achieve a state of flow. Whether you’re an artist, entrepreneur, or student, this blend can help you stay focused, calm, and productive throughout the day.

DISCLAIMER: We do not recommend taking more than 2 servings of the Modern daily.

Lions Mane

Lions Mane is a potent mushroom known for its potential benefits on brain function and neuroprotection. It has been shown to enhance nerve growth factor (NGF) production, which is essential for the growth and survival of neurons. This can help support cognitive function and promote mental clarity, making it easier to achieve a state of flow. Learn more about Lion's Mane.

Mindful Nootropic

The Mindful Nootropic is our special Golden Teacher mushroom intentionally grown from the heart space in an environment filled with high vibes and healing frequencies. Our mushrooms are then tested for any impurities in a state-of-the-art frequency device. After the mushrooms have been cleared, they are then blessed by our Indigenous medicine man. We believe that intention and energy play a huge role in the preparation and purity of our supplements to provide the purist experience for our community.


    Take 1-2 capsules in the AM with water.

    Note: If you are sensitive to medications or would like a slower start, take 30-45 minutes after a meal.


    We suggest 5 days on, 2 days off (created by Mycologist Paul Stamets) for 4-8 weeks before taking a 2-4 week break to reset tolerance levels.

    Note: Learn more about other protocol options by downloading our Microdosing Guide.

    Timed Effects

    30-60 MIN


    Not to be confused with our friends in the macro universe this is subtle but you are tuned in.

    60-90 MIN


    You may notice you are sharp, ideas are flowing you are in the zone!

    90+ MIN


    This can be a great time to take an additional stack at noon or whenever suits your day.

    Note: We are all different from size to DNA this varies from person to person but here are some general timed effects. These are natural tools to help you train your brain and body, these practices will continue with you as you progress, on your days off or not taking the supplements at all. This happens over time as we grow and continue our journey. Effects are not to be confused with our friends in the macro universe– the effects are mostly sub-perceptual and subtle but can be noticeable when you are tuned in.

    Compare Microdoses

    All of our products are designed to work together to create specific results based on your own personal goals, lifestyle and desired outcomes. All of our microdoses contain a true mushroom content ranging from 0.05g to 0.35g. The Functional Supplements are the perfect sidekick to create unique outcomes for your Microdosing Journey and can be added in any combination.

    Microdoses Micro

    50mg - Low Intensity

    Microdoses Perform

    50mg - Low Intensity

    Microdoses Connect

    75mg - Low Intensity

    Microdoses Modern

    100mg - Medium Intensity

    Microdoses Synergy

    150mg - Medium Intensity

    Microdoses Inspire

    250mg - High Intensity

    Microdoses Voyage

    350mg - High Intensity

      New to Microdosing

      Download our Microdosing Guide and learn about the Science, History, Impacts & Steps to a Successful Microdosing Experience.

      Stack Recommendations

      Ready to go to the next level?


      Healing is the beginning of the journey toward understanding your body, mind, and soul. This stage is all about honoring the parts within that need extra support in order to flourish.

      Sample HEAL Routine

      AM – Microdose + Functional Supplement


      The second stage is all about expansion, growth, and feeling that zest for life. In growth, you begin to see a side of yourself that you have not had the chance to see before.

      Sample GROW Routine

      AM – Microdose + Functional Supplement

      NOON – Functional Supplement


      The third stage of the journey takes you to that next level– fine-tuning and enhancing your experience with a keen sense of awareness towards your specific goals.

      Sample OPTIMIZE Routine

      AM – Microdose + Functional Supplement

      NOON – Functional Supplement

      PM – Functional Supplement

      Stackable Products

      Customize Your Experience

      At MindfulMEDS we recognize the many benefits of pairing nootropics, adaptogens, and other supplements with microdosing to create specific goals for our community. Create your own stack and combine two or more supplements to elevate certain properties and enhance your desired results.

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      1. DL

        Gives me energy and focus.

      2. Laura O

        Modern was the second blend I tried from Mindful Meds and I found it enhanced all the benefits I was feeling from levelling up from the Micro blend. I had been dealing with anxiety, depression, burn out, lots of negative ruminating thought patterns, procrastination, no drive, I just felt like a shell of myself, so I started with Micro and noticed benefits right away. After a month or so on Micro (excuse me because its been about two years I think since I started microdosing?) I decided to level up to Modern and it helped me improve my focus even further, I felt motivated, clear minded, and was digging even deeper into my habits and self sabotaging behaviours. I was able to be really critical of myself in a loving way and change a lot of things in my life. Modern really helped me get out of my depression and anxiety and negative thought spirals. I love stacking Modern with Immunity Blend and Turkey Tail as I have an autoimmune disease and find it really helps with my immune system and inflammation as well.

      3. AD

        Made it works of difference for me!

      4. NH

        Both Modern and Connect pills are productivity game-changers, allowing me to tackle my to-do list within two days. The precise dosage and science-backed formula provide confidence in their effectiveness, while hearing the founder’s passion and commitment adds an extra layer of trust. Thank you

      5. A


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