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The energy behind the mushrooms are meant for more than supplying us with the tools to participate in the systems of society.

Depending on where you are in the world will depend on how you use and understand mushrooms.

For example,

RIght now in the Western Parts of the world you can find a lot of companies talking about using mushrooms for ?productivity? and ?stamina.? And while it’s true, mushrooms can aid in helping improve these aspects of your life, it’s not necessarily what they?re meant to do.

The energy behind the mushrooms are meant for more than supplying us with the tools to participate in the systems of society. Mushrooms, believe it or not, hold the ability to decolonize your brain and even heal you at a neurological level.


For example,

Have you ever heard of someone who has had a trip that has changed their life?

They probably weren?t messing around, there is BIG shifts that happen during psychedelic experiences.?

Most likely they experienced:

  • New perspectives on past traumas

  • Processing of stifled and stuck emotions

  • Feelings of Euphoria

  • RE- Connection with their inner child

  • RE-Connection with Nature

  • A deep sense of gratitude

  • Answers to heavy questions

  • Direct instructions from Gaia about what is needed to bring happiness to one’s life


This is where the INTEGRATION process comes in handy, let me explain.


Have you ever gone to a therapy session only to feel like you?ve been cracked WIDE open and left to deal with it yourself? To put it gently, Mushrooms are a similar experience. The difference is that we can integrate certain habits, exercises and diets to help us integrate these new perspectives and ways of living and understanding into our lives.


Mushrooms are only a small portion of what is needed to heal ourselves from our past and current traumas. How to prepare for the mushroom trip as well as what you integrate after the mushroom trip will be what really solidifies how the experience will shape and shift your life.


Mushrooms act as a natural addiction disruptor meaning that not only will mushrooms make you want to drink and smoke less naturally. They also help you break down WHY you were doing these things in the first place followed by giving you the confidence to break them down in order to truly heal.


For more resources on how to properly integrate mushrooms and psychedelics into your life follow our blog posts as well as check out The Ancestry Project?on IG:

– Kaitie Degen

Creator – Sober Saturdayz

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