The Benefits of Macrodosing

It has been found that macrodosing psilocybin in a proper environment is likely THE MOST effective way to quit smoking tobacco.The landscape of psychedelics has changed so much over the past 20 years. It was almost unknown 20 years ago about the profound benefits of microdosing small amounts of psilocybin and virtually everyone that ingested psilocybin began their journey with a large dose (1-5 grams), or what is now referred to as a “macrodose”. 

It is therefore important to consider, what are the benefits of macrodosing psilocybin? As we have noted previously on our blog, and as has been extensively written about throughout scientific and cultural journals, the benefits of microdosing are profound and life changing. Is there still a place for macrodosing psilocybin for therapeutic benefits? The answer is YES! 

Psychedelics dampen the Default Mode Network in the brain. At higher doses, and when this Network is put to rest, the perception of our image of our self in relation to the rest of the world dissolves. This can be therapeutic, transcendental, spiritual and healing. In this state, the user can experience a mystical sense of oneness which can greatly assist people in rapidly changing old thought patterns, patterns of behavior, and even addictions. 

These profound changes can often begin to occur after a single macrodose. There are many things to consider when taking a macrodose, including intention, setting, dosage and many other factors that we will discuss at length in later blogs.  

However, for the purpose of this blog, these changes, often occurring after a single dose, is precisely why so many universities and medical research groups are studying psilocybin and why many counsellors and therapists in Canada are beginning to include macrodosing psilocybin as a way to treat patients under their care. Widely regarded institutions, such as Johns Hopkins, have been studying macrodosing as effective ways to treat anxiety, addiction, PTSD, and many other ailments. 

It has been found that macrodosing psilocybin in a proper environment is likely THE MOST effective way to quit smoking tobacco, which is an extremely problematic substance that causes great harm to health of individuals around the world. 

Therefore, please follow our blog over the coming month as we explore many aspects of macrodosing psilocybin and how this may positively change your life and mental health.

– MindfulMeds