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Ancient civilizations have been using the healing aspects of psychedelics for millennia, this isn’t new news, just new to the western parts of the world.


Mushrooms are an amazing tool used for mental health; this we know.


However, before Western Culture decided to take over/market Psychedelics as a tool for healing certain ailments these medicines were/are used for connecting and RE-connecting with spirit.


My personal journey with psychedelics started out recreationally, then medicinally and now Spiritually to help me RE-connect with my intuition, Gaia and Source Energy. 


Before we dive into psychedelics and spirituality, we should touch base on what it means to BE spiritual.


Spirituality is experienced by individuals on a personal level, meaning: You do not need to be participating in a specific religion to connect with your soul and/or your guides (if you choose).


Spirituality can be as BIG as following the moon cycles, astrology and ceremony or as small as intentions, mantras and prayer. 


If you find you don’t currently have a spiritual practice, don’t fret, that’s what the mushrooms are here for! Reconnection!


You may have heard that mushrooms help you feel more gratitude.

That they help you connect with nature and that they help you to break down past traumas and experiences. This reads true!


Ancient civilizations have been using the healing aspects of psychedelics for millennia, this isn’t new news, just new to the western parts of the world.


Native tribes in Mexico as well as other U.S Southwest places have been using peyote and psilocybin magic mushrooms in spiritual ceremonies since before first contact. For the natives, psychedelics were/are used as part of a cleansing ritual, an idea Western Culture looked down on or ignored completely.


To keep it simple I believe that Mushrooms decolonize your brain.

They bring you back to the basics…


Self love, Connection to the Planet and direct communication with consciousness. 


I believe we, as a western culture, are nowhere near where we need to be when it comes to using these plant medicines in congruence with spirituality.


I for one am constantly unlearning, re-learning and surrendering to the process of it all.


My personal spiritual practice with microdosing:


I’ve had the absolute pleasure of taking courses through House of Origins Apothecary (  which has taught me beautiful practices surrounding my daily water, microdosing and dream ceremonies. 


On top of this, The Ancestory Project whose workshops, courses and events have taught me about the ROOTS of these medicines. The TRUTH behind the ceremonies have graced the world with their psychedelics integration practices.


Mushrooms and other psychedelics act as a gateway to spirituality.


For more information on the ceremonies surrounding psychedelics you can purchase a virtual course through this link.


For more information surrounding the ROOTS of these plant medicines you can take a course through The Ancestory Project.




– Kaitie // MindfulMeds


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