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Psychedelic Education

First-of-its-kind study on psilocybin microdosing aims to establish whether the effects are as profound as people say they are.

Mindcure, July 6, 2021

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled experiment, neuroscientists carefully analyzed what happens to glutamate levels and a person’s ego when taking psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms.

The federal government has supported finding new effective psychiatric treatments. The FDA has designated MDMA-assisted and psilocybin-assisted therapy as breakthrough therapies, a status granted when preliminary clinical evidence indicates that a drug may demonstrate substantial improvement over available therapies.

As Canadians head towards polls this September we are searching for leaders who will help us come through this long pandemic. Recently, Conservative leader Erin O’Toole declared that his party is eager to support all Cana- dians, including those from the LGBT community interested in consuming“poppers”.

Join us for this week’s episode of the Psychedelic Entrepreneur as Beth interviews attorney, Greg Lake, who specializes in establishing entheogenic churches and other legal issues related to psychedelic facilitation and use.

This week we received the disappointing news that California has delayed its impressive push to decriminalize psychedelics. Having made it through many levels of the legislature, the bill is now being shelved until next year, likely for political reasons as California’s governor is facing a surprise recall election.

This chart is not intended to be used to make medical decisions and is for informational purposes only. It was constructed using data whenever possible, although extrapolation from known information was also used to inform risk. Any decision to start, stop, or taper medication and/or use psychedelic drugs should be made in conjunction with your healthcare provider(s). It is recommended to not perform any illicit activity.

Curious about the purported beneficial effects of psilocybin mushrooms on the mind, the writer decided to attend a guided hallucinogenic trip. Attending a guided magic mushroom trip turned out to be the most important event in his life

The key to “good trips only” may lie in aeruginascin, the CBD of psilocybin mushrooms.

At MINDCURE, we advocate the importance of a regulated therapeutic environment as researchers and users struggle with varying results of a psychedelic experience. As psychedelic therapy enters the mainstream, clinicians set out to explore the fundamentals of set and setting for a successful session.

Medicinal uses for psilocybin include depression, PTSD and other mental disorders, and as more clinical data comes in, a recent spate of public offering has raised billions of dollars for the emerging mental health field.
CNBC, Jul 24 2021
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is again fighting to remove a federal research roadblock in the hopes of promoting studies into the therapeutic potential of psychedelics like MDMA, psilocybin and ibogaine.
Marijuana Moment, July 22, 2021
Many pet parents are finding these incredible plants searching online and want to know if these can help their pets avoid diseases like cancer, treat allergies, and many other concerns. There are a lot of different kinds of mushrooms and not all of them are medicinal. However, most mushrooms do have medicinal properties.
The Natural Pet Doctor
One year ago, the Canadian government made an exception to the country’s drug laws, allowing for the first time four palliative care patients to try using psilocybin — better known as magic mushrooms — to help treat their end-of-life distre
CBC Radio, August 02, 2021
A team of researchers from Imperial College London and Johns Hopkins University recently found that previous psychedelic experiences might have positive impacts on physical health as well.
LUCID News, AUGUST 6, 2021
Understanding how such experiences are generated, while interesting, is not necessary to derive pleasure and benefit from them. The value really is in the experience itself, whatever is going on behind the scenes.
Reality Sandwich
Hericium erinaceus, a well known edible mushroom, has numerous biological activities. Especially hericenones and erinacines isolated from its fruiting body stimulate nerve growth factor (NGF) synthesis, which expects H. erinaceus to have some effects on brain functions and autonomic nervous system.

Nagano, M., Shimizu, K., Kondo, R., Hayashi, C., Sato, D., Kitagawa, K., & Ohnuki, K. (2010)

Biomedical Research (Tokyo, Japan), 31(4)

Due to growing market demand, the search for effective, nontoxic, natural compounds with antioxidant and ergogenic properties has increasingly become a matter of interest. This paper describes how a specific combination of fungal supplements can help improve the performance of endurance athletes.

Rossi, P., Buonocore, D., Altobelli, E., Brandalise, F., Cesaroni, V., Iozzi, D., Savino, E., Marzatico, F. (2014)

Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Volume 2014

Anecdotal reports have circulated for years that psilocybin lessens migraine symptoms. But there has been little scientific evidence to back the claims. The newly published research is the first double-blind, placebo-controlled study to examine whether psilocybin affects migraine disease.

Eric W. Dolan, May 18, 2021

Emmanuelle A. D. Schindler, R. Andrew Sewell, Christopher H. Gottschalk, Christina Luddy, L. Taylor Flynn, Hayley Lindsey, Brian P. Pittman, Nicholas V. Cozzi, and Deepak C. D’Souza.


Does the secret to seeing the full color spectrum lie in psychedelics? For the color blind, there's new hope.

Jennifer Walker-Journey May 17, 2021

Researcher J.E.C. Anthony, Psychedelic Spotlight

From treating depression to understanding consciousness, the promise of psychedelics is shifting their study from fringe to frontier neuroscience.

In 2019 a small group of researchers at Imperial established the world’s first dedicated centre for
research into the action and clinical use of psychedelic compounds.

Ryan O’Hare 17 May 2021

Imperial College London

Two months after treatment, 67 percent of participants in the MDMA group no longer qualified for a diagnosis of PTSD, compared with 32 percent in the placebo group.

3 May 2021


A federal health agency kicked off a speaker series on Thursday that’s dedicated to recapping science on the therapeutic potential of psilocybin mushrooms. And the experts who spoke at the first event said in response to Marijuana Moment’s questions that federal drug laws are out of step with voters and undermine the research objectives of the scientific community.

Kyle Jaeger April 23, 2021


Psilocybin, a compound found in psychedelic mushrooms, was given to patients in the study in 2016 and resulted in immediate, substantial relief of symptoms that was sustained and documented at their follow- ups more than six months later.

Jenna Romaine April 23, 2021


A psychedelic trip can be among the most sacred experiences of a person’s life. And yet, that impulse to take a psychedelic for a spiritual reason is often overlooked as a reason to lift prohibition for psychedelic substances.

Madison Margolin & Shelby Hartman April 23, 2021


Core researchers are paying attention to the therapeutic benefits of psychedelics when it comes to treating mental illnesses like depression and addiction — and scientists are now looking at ways that the drugs may help combat Alzheimer’s disease.

IBT Contributor On April 22, 2021

A Seattle based doctor, Dr. Sunil Aggarwal, has filed a lawsuit against the DEA for denying him permission to use psilocybin therapy in his palliative care.

Alex Dorr Mar 24, 2021


The suit was initially filed in March by patients and Seattle-based palliative care physician Dr. Sunil Aggarwal after the DEA denied their application to use synthetic psilocybin.

Laura Gesualdi-Gilmore June 2nd, 2021


A range of consciousness-altering psychedelic drugs are currently being used or researched for therapeutic purposes in both clinical and nonclinical settings.

Kate Robertson on May 25, 2021


Bell decided she wanted to try psilocybin in order to “feel what kind of doors open, have a trip that was my own.”

Jennifer Walker-Journey May 20, 2021


Odom, 41, said being treated with small doses of ketamine under medical supervision for the past two years has helped keep him sober.

Robyn Weil


If enacted into law, the bill would remove criminal penalties for possessing or sharing numerous psychedelics—including psilocybin mushrooms, DMT, ibogaine, LSD and MDMA—for adults 21 and older.

Kyle Jaeger 1st June 2021


He said psilocybin helped him bridge that gap and the experience led him to found Wesana Health, a first-of-its-kind company dedicated to studying its ability to treat traumatic brain injury (TBI) in athletes, veterans and others.

Rory Carroll May 28, 2021


The country’s history with early cannabis legalization has placed it at the center of attention in the psychedelics scene, as patients, advocates and healthcare professionals seek to expand access to psychedelics-assisted therapy.

Natan Ponieman May 20, 2021


“I'm more open and curious now. I really want to hear how people are feeling. I am an experienced psychotherapist yet here is an area I need to work on. My journey really did that for me." — Clinical counsellor Dave Phillips

Tiffany Crawford Publishing date: Jun 01, 2021


Talking with your therapist about psychedelics for the first time can be difficult. It can bring up difficult emotions for your therapist. They may be reluctant to talk about it at first.

Sarah Rose Siskind October 21, 2020


After beating what doctors told her was terminal cancer, Mona Strelaeff had hoped her health complications were behind her. Instead, what followed were years of crippling depression and anxiety.

Jon Hernandez June 21, 2021

CBC News

The most common application for psilocybin is for mental health, so there are very few resources available on how to implement a psilocybin dosing schedule for managing pain.

Cultivation Instructor June 16, 2021


Independent mental health workers and psychotherapists can now prescribe ketamine to their patients through a new service.

Jennifer Walker-Journey June 25, 2021

Psychedelic Spotlight

The trial is a randomised controlled, double-blinded, dose-ranging study, investigating the safety and efficacy of psilocybin therapy and comparing a 25mg and 10mg dose of COMP360 psilocybin with a 1mg dose, administered in conjunction with psychological support from specially trained therapists.
June 28, 2021
“When we are trusting the process, we’re also saying it’s OK to feel bad, it’s OK to not be OK,” says the support line’s director. “This is a part of a bigger thing happening and we’re gonna be with you through it”


Rolling Stone

On the first page of his new book, This is Your Mind on Plants, Michael Pollan poses a seemingly simple question: what exactly is a drug?

CLAY SKIPPER July 7, 2021


On June 30, the Petrie-Flom Center announced the launch of a three-year research initiative, the Project on Psychedelics Law and Regulation (POPLAR), which is supported by a generous grant from the Saisei Foundation.

Chloe Reichel/HLS Staff Contributor July 7, 2021

Harvard Law Today

Why should anyone go to a mushroom retreat? What’s the point of traveling for something you can easily do at home? Find out.

Lead Guide July 15th 2021


So far, researchers have tested the fungus against cognitive diseases and mental health conditions. The results point towards lion’s mane as a tonic for the nervous system.



A new clinical trial that will evaluate the effect of low doses of psilocybin in healthy, human volunteers will mark the third clinical psilocybin study that Canada has ever approved.

17th August 2021, Psychedelic Spotlight

Three mothers who microdose psilocybin told Insider it transformed them into more patient and present parents and helped with pregnancy and postpartum mental-health struggles.

INSIDER, 27th August 2021

Pharmacy Times interviewed Clive Ward Able, MD, BPharm, president of Clintell, consultant to NeonMind Inc, and a trained pharmacist and physician, on his research into the use of psychedelic compounds to treat obesity and optimize human health.
Pharmacy Times, July 20, 2021

In an interview with Brian Muraresk;  the author of The Immortality Key.

Lex Fridman, 15th August 2021

Hopkins said in a statement that his album, which has no beats or drum sounds, grew from a 2018 expedition to Tayos Caves in Ecuador. “Music for Psychedelic Therapy is not ambient, classical or drone but has elements of all three,” he said. “For me it’s a place as much as it is a sound. It works for the sober mind, but takes on a new dimension entirely when brought into a psychedelic ceremony.”

Pitch Fork, SEP 2 2021

The paper also found theoretical matches between dysfunctional neural mechanisms and behavioral manifestations in ADHD and the subjective and neural effects of psychedelics. Microdosing these substances may even be safer and possibly more effective than both macrodosing them, and current ADHD medication.

Utrecht University, August 2020

Should a nursing parent abstain from psychedelics? Yes and no—here’s what the science and indigenous wisdom tell about this practice.

Double Blind Mag, 27th August 2021

Pharmacy Times interviewed Clive Ward Able, MD, BPharm, president of Clintell, consultant to NeonMind Inc, and a trained pharmacist and physician, on his research into the use of psychedelic compounds to treat obesity and optimize human health.
Pharmacy Times, July 20, 2021
A Chicago company led by former Blackhawks player Daniel Carcillo that’s using psychedelics to treat brain injuries is funding a new lab at the University of South Carolina designed to research and treat traumatic brain injuries
The Business Journals, June 25, 2021
Tryp Therapeutics, a Californian pharmaceutical company with a focus on psychedelics, and the University of Michigan Medical School Chronic Pain and Fatigue Research Center are teaming up to conduct the world’s first phase 2a clinical trial on the efficacy of psilocybin and psychotherapy to treat fibromyalgia.
Analytical Cannabis, Jul 26 2021
Research into a psychedelic drug use recreationally for decades is showing promise in treating both depression and obsessive compulsive disorder, according to Yale School of Medicine researchers.
New Haven Register, July 30th 2021
In an exclusive video interview that will be screened as part of the summit, Chopra speaks to Schwartzberg about the medical benefits of psychedelics, particularly the use of micro-dosing in combination with stimulating imagery or music.
Rolling Stones, AUGUST 2, 2021
Scientists have known for years that the potency of these mushrooms rests primarily on the levels of psilocybin (a prodrug of psilocin) in the mushroom tissues. Recently, Psychedelic Science Review ran an article discussing why magic mushroom spores, particularly those of Psilocybe cubensis, don’t contain psilocybin.
Psychedelic Review, AUGUST 10, 2021
We explored several different techniques and found that a breathing exercise was most effective for both immediate and long-term stress reduction.

Emma Seppälä, Christina Bradley, and Michael R. Goldstein
September 29, 2020

Harvard Business Review

In the last few years, new research has demonstrated the powerful potential for classical psychedelics, especially psilocybin (the active compound in “magic mushrooms”), to treat a range of mental health disorders, including depression, anxiety and addiction.

Patrick Coleman
May 21, 2020

UC San Diego News Center

Participants who took psilocybin showed marked improvements across a range of measures including their ability to feel pleasure and express emotions, greater reductions in anxiety and suicidal ideation, and increased feelings of wellbeing.

Seren Hughes 6 May 2021


Psilocybin and MDMA are poised to be the hottest new therapeutics since Prozac. Universities want in, and so does Wall Street. Some worry a push to loosen access could bring unintended consequences.

Andrew Jacobs
May 9, 2021


The Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research at Johns Hopkins

Psychedelic Invest has compiled a list of the top 100 most influential people in the psychedelics ecosystem. This list is focused on those who have had the largest impact for 2021.

2 May 2021


April 14 marks five years since B.C. declared the overdose crisis a public health emergency. But half a decade later, overdoses are still increasing and advocacy groups are calling for more government action.

Jake Romphf Apr. 14, 2021


Using electrophysiology and behavioral tests, including the head twitch response (HTR), the data showed that the mice experienced antidepressant effects from psilocybin even when their 5-HT2ARs were blocked by ketanserin.

Barbara E. Bauer April 14, 2021


A Phase 2 clinical trial, conducted by researchers in London, was the first randomized trial to compare therapeutic doses of psilocybin — the psychedelic compound found in so-called magic mushrooms — with a daily medication. The results were released in The New England Journal of Medicine.

Kaitlin Sullivan April 15, 2021

Approximately 2.3% of adults will suffer from symptoms of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder at some point in their life. The disorder is characterized by intrusive, persistent thoughts and compulsive behaviors and a substantial number of people don’t respond well to standard treatments.

Eric W. Dolan March 29, 2021

Agustin Lugo-Radillo and Jorge Luis Cortes-Lopez.

Quality pre and post treatment fMRI data were collected from 16 of 19 patients. Decreased depressive symptoms were observed in all 19 patients at 1-week post-treatment and 47% met criteria for response at 5 weeks.

Robin L Carhart-Harris, Leor Roseman, Mark Bolstridge, Lysia Demetriou, J Nienke Pannekoek, Matthew B Wall, Mark Tanner, Mendel Kaelen, John McGonigle, Kevin Murphy, Robert Leech, H Valerie Curran & David J Nutt. 13 October 2017

Psychedelic Research Group, Psychopharmacology Unit, Centre for Psychiatry, Department of Medicine, Imperial College London, W12 0NN, London, UK

In new research, scientists have found evidence that LSD, another psychedelic, lowers the barriers that constrain people’s thoughts. In doing so, it frees the mind to wander more easily and experience the world anew.

Ian Sample 19 May 2021


One of the best-supported ideas right now is the REBUS (Relaxed Beliefs Under Psychedelics) theory: psychedelics relax prior beliefs and thought patterns to make room for new, healthier ones.1 In depression, for example, they can break patterns of negative thoughts about oneself or the world at large. At the neurobiological level, this may correspond to opening a window of neuroplasticity during which there is an increased capacity for positive change.

Abigail E. Calder, MSc May 10, 2021


Bitcoiner Brandon Quittem and Third Wave founder Paul Austin discuss the decentralization of psychedelics and of the world economy, and what that means for our future.
The Third Wave
A study from Imperial College London scientists released in April, for example, found that psilocybin — the active compound in magic mushrooms — works about as well as a leading drug (escitalopram) to treat patients with moderate or severe major depressive disorder.

John Haltiwanger Jun 1, 2021


After ingesting psilocybin-containing mushrooms, it will take 20 to 40 minutes to start feeling the effects. By then, psilocybin will have broken down into psilocin, which acts on serotonin receptors in the brain.

Buddy T Medically reviewed by Daniel B. Block, MD on January 29, 2020


The university says the position is the first of its kind in Canada — similar research is being done at Johns Hopkins University in the U.S. The U of C has begun an internal candidate search to fill the position.

The Canadian Press June 10, 2021


Hallucinogenic magic mushrooms were thought to have healing properties for centuries. It extended right up to the 1960s, when their use was banned during the so-called war on drugs. Today, they’re going through a research renaissance, and scientists are revealing their potential to help people with mental health disorders, like anxiety, depression and PTSD. Robin Gill reports for The New Reality.

Robin Gill June 12 2021


Psychedelic medicines, which also include peyote, ayahuasca and sometimes also MDMA (a.k.a. the “love drug” ecstasy or Molly), are increasingly being studied in reputable universities for a variety of ills. More than a hundred studies are currently listed on the government’s clinical trials website for psilocybin and LSD, and where it was once hard to recruit people to participate, researchers say folks are eagerly raising their hands.

Meryl Davids Landau Jun 10, 2021


That assessment is felt similarly across party lines; 83% of Democrats expressed that view, as did 85% of Independents and 82% of Republicans. Nearly two-thirds of respondents (65%) said it's time to end the war on drugs.

Andrea Germanos June 9, 2021


The guest, Jim Fadiman, PhD, has a host of information on microdosing psychedelics and is considered to be one of the world's leading experts on psychedelics and plant medicine, and has developed some particularly helpful and effective microdosing protocols.
Ben Greenfield Fitness
Funded in part by Tim Ferriss, the Project on Psychedelics Law and Regulation will tackle the many unanswered legal questions facing psychedelic-assisted therapy.

Shayla Love June 30, 2021


The fight for the right to use and possess magic mushrooms for medical purposes could be headed to Federal Court in a case that echoes the early efforts to legalize the medicinal use of cannabis.

Curt Petrovich July 5, 2021

Trials in human populations show psychedelics to be effective in the treatment of some of the world’s most prevalent (and difficult to treat) conditions such as depression, anxiety and substance use disorder; and now even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Grace Blest-Hopley Jun 1st 2021

Heroic Hearts UK

The treatments are administered in research settings, with therapists in the room to keep watch over a person who has taken a precise dose of psychedelics. The treatment is also often combined with psychotherapy.


Good Housekeeping

A functional mushroom that supports cognition, focus, creativity and productivity. Tastes earthy and light, not at all like a culinary umami mushroom. Sans caffeine, full of focus.


Four Sigmatic

Here’s an article from Third Wave that explains everything you need to know about psilocybin tolerance.

Edan Armas 28th June 2021

Third Wave

The latest frontier in state and local drug reform has been the loosening of legal restrictions on psilocybin—the psychoactive compound in “magic mushrooms.”

Dustin Marlan 1st March 2021

The Appeal