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Step into a realm of limitless self-growth with our transcendent Rise blend- a powerful sibling to our renowned Vitality Blend. It combines a potent 150mg of our signature Mindful Nootropic with the already transformative elements of the Vitality blend. Feel the embers within you glow brighter, deepening your connection to your breath and cellular essence. Yield to your burgeoning internal power and fully inhabit your true self.

The Rise blend amplifies the root chakra-to-Pineal Gland pathway that Vitality so expertly activates, adding an extra dimension to your yoga experience. For some, this blend doesn't just lead inward; it propels us into a cosmic, out-of-body journey. Cordyceps Sinensis supercharges your biological systems, magnifying cellular oxygen absorption. Time-honored Catuaba Bark stimulates your central nervous system while quelling inflammation with its potent catubain alkaloids. Blue lotus pollen helps unfurl your heart's deepest desires, allowing them to flow through your entire being.

Let's not forget the age-old kick of cayenne pepper, which rounds out this invigorating blend by stoking your inner fire and optimizing cellular nutrient absorption and blood circulation. Prepare to ground your base chakra, open your heart, and elevate your pineal gland. Opt for the endless, expansive avenues to self-discovery that the Rise blend offers.

Rise Proprietary Complex

150mg – Mindful Nootropic

150mg – Cordyceps Sinensis Extract

150mg – Catuaba Bark

150mg – Blue Lotus Pollen

50mg – Cayenne Pepper

Microdose Level: Medium | 24 Capsules per Bottle

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