Top 4 Reasons Microdosing May Help with Addiction Recovery

In this article, we’ll dive into the top reasons why microdosing psychedelics may be an effective way to help combat substance abuse and set you on a path of healing and recovery.


Psychedelics have been making a huge splash in recent years. Everywhere you turn, more and more studies are being conducted into the use of these magical molecules to aid in treatment of mental health disorders. 


They are showing promising results in multiple areas, treating those who suffer from notoriously treatment-stubborn ailments such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, and addiction. 


Institutions all around the world are racing to kick start psychedelic research programs, hoping to contribute their skills and knowledge to the ever growing psychedelic renaissance that continues to unfold before our very eyes. 


This is exciting news for those who continue to suffer from these debilitating disorders. 


For me, psychedelics were the catalyst of my healing when I had the privilege of sitting in an ayahuasca ceremony back in 2014. That mind bending, soul expanding experience was what kicked off my path to recovery.  


These psychedelic experiences take the user on a rollercoaster ride of the mind, allowing them to take a step outside of the normal, day-to-day consciousness, enabling them to access parts of the mind normally inaccessible.


This is proving to be a phenomenal tool in battling mental health and addictions issues, giving people a peek inside their own psyche and empowering them to change what ails and harms them from the inside, out. 


“Macrodoses” or standard doses of psychedelic medicines are what most people refer to when discussing psychedelic experiences. They are really what gains most of the limelight, and are the modalities that are often highlighted in news articles and studies that you often see surfacing around the globe. 


But as exciting as these lengthy, colorful, mind altering experiences are, there’s a new trend in the psychedelic space that is taking the world by storm… Microdosing! The art and science of taking sub-perceptual amounts of psychedelic medicines are the next big thing in psychedelic healing. 


In contrast to traditional doses, microdosing involves taking “sub-perceptual” amounts of the medicines, meaning you cannot actually feel a psychedelic effect upon ingestion. The idea, in fact, is not to feel anything at all. Microdosing is reputed to give many of the effects of taking normal, psychoactive doses without having to commit to a full psychedelic experience. 


When it comes to addiction, there are many reasons why this modality can be very effective in treating substance abuse. In this article, we’ll dive into the top reasons why microdosing psychedelics may be an effective way to help combat substance abuse and set you on a path of healing and recovery


  1. Microdosing doesn’t get you high. 


As previously mentioned, the idea of microdosing isn’t to experience a psychedelic effect. Rather than having a mind-altering, reality shattering-psychedelic trip, microdosing is meant to have zero psychoactive effect, allowing the user to operate day-day activities as they normally would.


This is extremely beneficial to many people who suffer from substance abuse disorders. Oftentimes, those hoping to heal from addiction may get triggered from the idea of having any mind-altering experience, including from psychedelics. Microdosing offers many of the benefits of traditional psychedelic experiences, without getting “high”. 


  1. Microdosing may reinforce positive habits and change negative ones


More and more research is promoting the idea that psychedelic substances, most notably psilocybin, have the potential to help grow new neural pathways in the brain. This is directly correlated to the formation of habits. When a habit is formed over time, ‘grooves’ are formed in the brain that allow this action to take place much more easily. This is how certain habits become ingrained in the brain and become difficult to change. Psychedelics enable these grooves to form and be reformed with more ease, making it easier to change undesirable habits and reinforce positive ones. 



  1. May be a safer alternative to other medications 


Many times, addiction is the result of self-medication and treatment of deeper rooted symptoms. People turn to street drugs to treat symptoms of trauma, depression, and anxiety. Even prescribed medications can act as a bandage fix, and oftentimes come with a plethora of unwanted side effects. Many people are finding great benefit in microdosing psychedelics as an alternative to traditional medications  that treat things such as depression, anxiety, and ADHD. While it’s important to note that traditional medications have their place in society, we must be striving for better alternatives and as more research surfaces regarding these phenomenal medicines, they are becoming a viable and safer method at treating many different ailments. 



  1. Enhances spiritual connection 


Many people credit having a spiritual connection, or relationship with a higher power to being the top reason why they were able to kick an addiction and stay on a path of healing. Cultures all around the world have been using psychedelics to develop this connection, making them a powerful doorway to a relationship with “God”. When it comes to microdosing, many people report having a stronger connection with their representation of a higher power when they are undergoing a microdosing regimen. This connection to “God’, “The Universe”, or whatever you  may refer to this spiritual power as, can be a great ally when travelling down the path to recovery. 


As you can see, there are some amazing benefits associated with using microdosing as a part of an addiction recovery plan. My personal journey had incorporated these modalities and saw my life blossom as a result. Microdosing enabled me to deepen my connection to the divine and kept me on a positive routine that strengthened all other areas of my life. 


My microdosing regimen was the fuel that fired all my other efforts in healing myself from my substance abuse disorder. Microdosing was the gasoline I needed to travel the path of healing all the way to the end. 


While not much research has been officially conducted into the art and science of microdosing, thousands and thousands of anecdotal reports across the globe credit microdosing psychedelics as being the catalyst for their healing and growth. 


With the right intention and optimized plan, microdosing may prove to be one of the most powerful allies on your own personal journey to wellness.




By: Brandon Batstone



IG: brandonbatstone // Clubhouse Creator @magicmushrooms