Spirit Bundle

Spirit Bundle



Our Spirit bundle features our best-selling Modern blend which provides a perfectly balanced non-perceptual changing microdosing experience. Modern capsules each contain 100mg of organic golden teacher psilocybin with 300mg of organic lion’s mane.

Inspire blend provides a stronger microdosing experience with each capsule containing 250mg of organic golden teacher psilocybin mushroom combined with 150mg of organic lion’s mane. Inspire has been cited by its users as providing a slightly more intense experience to power through heavier bouts of depression or anxiety. Others cite Inspire as helping those develop a connection with nature and helping to explore higher levels of problem solving, creativity and focus.

Our Voyage blend lets mother nature do all the talking. Each capsule of Voyage contains 350mg of our organically grown golden teacher psilocybin mushroom combined with 50mg of organic lion’s mane. These capsules are here to help heal your mind and spirit. Take one capsule to have our strongest microdosing experience or take multiple capsules which will give you the feeling of enlightenment and an ability to connect with nature and the universe.

The Spirit bundle provides a complete and significant microdosing experience.

All of our products were designed to be used in conjunction with one another. Each product contains a true microdose of psilocybin. The order in which you use these products is not important as you should tailor your personal microdosing experience based on how you are feeling, and what activities you are doing that week. Please remember to be stringent when it comes to your dosing schedule. Taking breaks are incredibly important to reset your tolerance week over week.

7 reviews for Spirit Bundle

  1. Tom

    Unreal!! What more can I say! 🙂

  2. TG

    Life changing product! Holistic approach to anxiety. Nate and the team are the very best.

  3. Eddy

    If you’re looking for a positive lifestyle change, dealing with anxiety/depression and help with motivation, then any of these products are for you. 100% recommend

  4. Lauren (verified owner)

    This bundle is great the modern blend is very subtle you hardly feel anything when I went up to 250mg and I felt ✨something✨. Psilocybin honestly does wonders to how you perceive life, it feels great and you should set intentions prior and defs go be in nature because it’s gorgeous and you’ll appreciate it lots! I’m excited to try the voyage but I have a feeling it’ll be a bit more intense so I’m just planning a time thats right so I don’t worry about having to do something. I would say don’t microdose if you have important stuff to do especially if you’re new because it might make you more anxious (at least it did for me) and those feelings are slightly heightened. But if you want to be creative and inspired this is a wonderful tool. I also have to add that the mindfulmed’s insta is great and they will answer your dms quickly and educate you on the process which I love. I believe psychedelics can be so powerful to help people learn new things about themselves and the world and microdosing is a great solution!

  5. Heather

    This will be my third week using ‘modern blend’ and it’s been a game changer. For the first time I can actually focus and comprehend when reading without a million thoughts racing at the same time and my anxiety has calmed right down already within such a short time. I was hesitant at first but will never look back now that these heavenly natural wonders have blessed my life. I would recommend them to anyone suffering from anything related to mental health, they have truly changed the way I think in the most positive way and have now become a staple piece within my mental health journey. Micrdosing has worked better in 3 weeks than any medications I’ve ever been prescribed. This product is hands down FIVE STARS and I’ll be sharing this solution with as many people as I can!

  6. Kate (verified owner)

    As a recovering addict Microdosing has changed the game for my recovery journey. I started Microdosing 4 months ago and my mental health has never been better. This blend is bomb!

  7. Megan Costerus

    I cant speak highly enough about this bundle. I have done “mushrooms” twice before and im assuming due to my mental health I had a horrible experience while others around me had a great time. With that being said I was nervous even in the case of microdosing. I do take medication so I did speak to my doctor and they had never heard of people doing it and literally had no clue so I took the risk and went ahead. Have you seen the movie limitless? That’s how I feel when I take these. I’m learning new ways to use them and in different settings to spark different energy. I just feel…happy. I have bipolar and borderline personality disorder so I’ve got a lot going on and I’ve tried everything … literally everything and these really make the biggest difference. I have more meaningful conversations I appreciate my surroundings I have WAY more energy like… way way more energy. This science is going to be huge. Count on it!

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