Penis Envy

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Penis Envy is a very interesting strain, it’s a mutation of the psilocybe cubensis created by Dr. Steven Pollok in the early 70’s and got its name from how similar it looks to a certain phallic appendage. Its also one of the strongest cubensis known.

Very strong potency
  • Dosent come in waves, full on at all times
  • long lasting
  • light body high
  • smooth come up and ride
  • Low dose: .25g to .5g
  • Medium low: .5g to 1g
  • Medium: 1g to 2g
  • Medium High: 2g to 3g
  • High: Hero dose: 3g +

5 reviews for Penis Envy

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  1. Tried them for the first time April 29th 2022. This was by far one of the most intense and powerful experience I?ve ever had on psilocybin. I?ve done blue meanies, malabar, golden teacher and a few other strain and this one was by far the strongest. I did exactly 5.38 grams what most people call a heroic dose. I blended it and made it in a tea. The effects kicked in within 15 minutes. 30-45 minutes in I already had strong opened eye visuals. I could see geometric patterns everywhere I looked. I decided to put on a sound bowl meditation and a blind fold on. I don?t think I?ve ever cried this much and laughed this much in my life. I was able to deal with some deep rooted trauma. They showed me some of the things I?ve done in the past and the consequences and they showed me what would happen if I kept some of the habits I have. Honestly so thankful for the experience this felt like a big needed therapy session. I highly recommend them but definitely keep your heart and mind open. Don?t resist the experience. Let it flow and let go <3 peace and love

    Tim Beyret

  2. Didn’t expect this to be so intense! Had way more than I anticipated but felt great the whole way through, vibed the whole night and a nice comedown

  3. Awesome

  4. I have heard lots about this mushroom strain from friends before finally giving them a try. A hilarious name that sticks in your memory for a reason haha. The experience was not hilarious but actually so amazing that it is hard to even convey it with words. All I can say is that it changed me for the better and I feel like a new person today. Pace yourself and be cautious about taking too much but I know you won?t regret it.

  5. Was guided by my friend through 3g of the Penis Envy mushrooms and it was honestly one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. I just wanted to say thank you. I will be returning time and time again for this wonderful product.

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