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Have experience with mushrooms and looking for a sense of enlightenment and euphoria? Wanting to go further and connect with mother earth, nature and your higher self?

Our Enlightenment stack will bring you a sense of euphoria, enlightenment, flowing creativity and closer to mother earth and yourself. A larger dose can also help you relieve rather large bouts of anxiety and depression. For those days you need a little more creativity, inspiration or more relief, this stack has got it all.

This psilocybin stack when taken as part of a dosing protocol by experienced mushroom adventurers can consistently steer you closer to inner focus and outer creativity. You may feel closer to your dharma (purpose) and full of euphoric energy and realizations to achieve your dreams.

If you’re constantly sitting with heavier anxiety and depression, taking an Inspire as part of a dosing protocol and substituting with our Voyage blend on tougher days without much planned, it may bring you the relief you want and freedom to begin exploring that which makes you happiest.

This is a higher dose stack for those with experience in mushrooms seeking enlightenment, relief from physical/emotional pain, anxiety, depression and various other challenging states of being. Take this after eating and begin on a day set aside to see how the higher microdose and you interact.

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