Apprentice (Level One)

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Micro | Modern | Inspire

Our Apprentice Stack (formerly the Clarity Bundle) features our best-selling Microdosing blends perfect for beginners or those who wish to try the lower dosages. Our Apprentice Stack provides users with a complete spectrum of microdosing.

The Micro blend was designed as a fantastic and subtle way to be introduced to microdosing. With each capsule containing 50mg of our Active Ingredient, even those with the lowest tolerances will feel no perceptual changes at all. Paired with 500mg of Organic Lion’s Mane, which has been shown to help improve memory, depression, and anxiety, while increasing overall cognitive performance.

The Modern blend is our best-selling Microdosing blend that provides a perfectly balanced non-perceptual changing microdosing experience. Modern capsules each contain 100mg of Active Ingredient with 300mg of Organic Lion's Mane.

The Inspire blend provides a stronger microdosing experience with each capsule containing 250mg of our Active Ingredient combined with 150mg of Organic Lion's Mane. Inspire has been cited by its users as providing a slightly more elevated experience to power through heavier bouts of depression or anxiety. Others cite Inspire as helping those develop a connection with nature and helping to explore higher levels of problem-solving, creativity, and focus.

All of our products were designed to be used in conjunction with one another. Each product contains a true microdose of our Active Ingredient. The order in which you use these products is not important as you should tailor your personal microdosing experience based on how you are feeling, and what activities you are doing that week. Please remember to be stringent when it comes to your dosing schedule. Taking breaks are incredibly important to reset your tolerance week over week.

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17 reviews for Apprentice (Level One)

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  1. I’ve been wanting to try these products for a long time. After only a few weeks I am already experiencing more mental clarity and less brain fog. My mind also isn’t racing 100 miles per minute. I am so happy I invested in these products and highly reccomend them.

  2. I was very sceptical at first, but am extremely suprised. My main intentions focused around feeling more connected with myself and those around me. I deal with some social anxiety and tend to isolate myself other than my work. Work I have to be on top of it at every moment, then when alone I retreat.
    Very happy I feel less anxious, handling situations that otherwise made me feel uncomfy. Loving the micro and the modern:) I tried inspire and felt like best to take on a day off only. The afterglow of inspire was what I enjoyed the most.
    All around I?m very happy with my decision to try microdosing.

  3. Ooh I love my calmness and my shaky hands are still. It?s a very quite feeling.. I?ve just begun my journey.. it?s been three weeks.. thank you.
    My Dr. recommend trying this product. I?m happy.

  4. I’m early in my microdosing journey, and I can’t shut up about it!

    I have super low tolerance for most substances, and my prior mushroom experience was accidental and awful so I was really hesitant to begin- even though I had seen the incredible benefits others had experienced.

    So far I have used the micro and the modern, and the calm I felt each time was almost overwhelming. As a person that has consistently suffered from mood disorders, PTSD, and chronic anxiety, the shift that occurs with each microdose experience cannot be missed.

    Mind blown!

    The best part is I’m not impaired, my focus is stronger and more direct, and I’m not battling against a racing heart. I’m able to really breathe and connect deeply with those around me.

    So much gratitude!!!

  5. I?ve only just started my journey but I?ve already noticed a huge difference in my mood and my anxiety! I highly recommend!

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