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November 10th at 5:30 PT

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Macrodose Essentials:

Preparation and Integration

With Brandi B.

What is it?

A free, 1 hour, live course guiding you through the process of preparing for, journeying through, and integrating your macro psilocybin experience.

What you'll learn:

The 7 Ss of mindful journeying

Who this is for?

for anyone looking to deepen their relationship with psilocybin by exploring larger doses and wanting to gather the tools to journey mindfully.

- Bia Luna

She is a psychedelic preparation and integration guide, women’ s empowerment coach, and supporter of the movement towards cognitive liberty and the decriminalization of psychedelic and entheogenic medicines. Her work with psychedelics & plant medicine has facilitated deep and profound healing in her life, including supporting her recovery from alcohol and stimulants, sexual trauma, and depression & anxiety. She hopes to support others in creating their containers to work with psychedelics mindfully, safely, and sustainably.

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November 10th - 5:30 p.m. PT

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