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– Bia Luna

Price: $125/Hour

What to Expect From the 1-on-1 Guidance Sessions

Preparation Session -

In this session, we will dive into your intention, help you create a safe container for journeying (set, setting, & more,) discuss best practices, tools for success, dosage, trip sitter guidance, and hold space for any specifics that arise for you as you begin to prepare for your macro session so that you may feel as prepared as possible for what may arise during the experience. This is a space for you to bring anything forward that you are curious, hesitant, or excited about. We suggest booking this session within 1 week before your planned psychedelic trip.

Price: $125/Hour

Integration Session -

In this session, I will hold space for you to discuss your psychedelic experience, help to make sense of any visions and revelations, explore ways to integrate them mindfully, share tools for harnessing the neuroplasticity of the mind in the integration weeks to help create lasting change, as well as discussing future macro dosing preparedness. We suggest booking this session within the first 3 days after your psychedelic trip and while things are still fresh in your mind. You may also book as many additional sessions as you need if you find you would like further support integrating your experience.

Price: $125/Hour

Microdosing Guidance -

In this session we will answer any questions you may have about microdosing, strategize your regiment and dosage, and offer tools and discuss best practices for tracking your journey to help find the most supportive regiment for you.

About Your Guide

Bia Luna is a psychedelic preparation and integration guide, women’s empowerment coach, and supporter of the movement towards cognitive liberty and the decriminalization of psychedelic and entheogenic medicines. She has worked with psychedelics & plant medicine for over 10 year and her journey with these plants has facilitated deep and profound healing in her life, including supporting her recovery from alcohol and stimulants, sexual trauma, narcissist abuse, and depression & anxiety. She is a JRNI certified life coach, entrepreneur, & mama. She weaves together these passions with her training as a doula and reiki practioner to hold a safe a nurting space for her clients. She hopes to support others in creating their containers to work with psychedelics mindfully, safely, and sustainably.

Price: $125/Hour

Discount when applying for both sessions.

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