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My journey with psychedelic medicines have led me down a wonderful path of transformation and healing. As a recovering addict, I wholeheartedly credit my relationship with plant medicines for facilitating my recovery. Additionally, these medicines have brought me to find my life’s purpose: helping others struggling to find their own personal path to wellness and to offer my knowledge, experience, and expertise to bring more awareness to the psychedelic movement. I am the founder of The Psychedelic Society of Newfoundland & Labrador, a Yoga Teacher, psychedelic educator, tourism professional and overall lover of life.


As someone who has experienced personal transformation with the use of entheogenic medicines, integrity, safety, and quality are of the utmost importance to me and to the community in which I work within. MindfulMeds offers an affordable, accessible, and quality line of products that resonate and cater to my own personal healing and growth and I feel they can help expand the growth of others as well.

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